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A Quiet Christmas......

So as 2020 draws to it's long awaited end, I have been using this utter mindblow of a year to organise my shizzle. All the things on the to do list are, slowly, getting done....

This year has been immensely tough for some, losing loved ones, not seeing loved ones, home-schooling, working from home, job loss. We have found strength in ways we never knew and I have never experienced a time when so many people have reached out to others to help and support.

The construction industry has felt its biggest boom since #lockdown1 ended, with homeowners continuing with projects they had always intended on starting at the beginning of 2020. The 'home office' has become a new tick box, and I will add another post on how you can cleverly incorporate space to work from home without moving a kids bedroom to the garage!

This year has most definitely changed the way we live. Maybe forever.

After watching #DIYSOS last night - Carbis Bay in Cornwall, I'm reminded how important 'home' can be for families. When houses don't work, and don't offer each member a safe, calm environment to grow and development in a way that suits them, it can have such a detrimental effect on the dynamics of how that family function together. Nick and his team smashed it again and left me blubbing into my large glass of Baileys. They manage to strike the balance between beautiful style and functional space. This year 'functional space' is being reformed. I'm happy to be part of that revolution. I'm at my happiest when I can transform and reshape when tired homes need a rethink.

This Christmas might look a little different for some.

Whatever your viewpoint on the Government's rules, we can all help each other to smile and feel part of something. This year the rules means my family can't realistically get together. That's fine. Its a day. For some its a couple of days. I will arrange a Christmas zoom and we find a new way this year. There is still time to send gifts, there is still time to plan and prepare and we will enjoy every part of Christmas that we normally would. I am lucky enough to have my own family under one roof, my children are still young enough to get the magic but old enough to know not to ask for a pony! This year I will see magic in the small things, the warmth, the smiles, the calm and the crazy. All of it.


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