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The Little Drawing Company believes that every house has a golden layout that will encourage every member of the household to achieve a more organised way of living and a comfortable way of life.


With over 20 years of design and planning experience, we can help with any home design project you have in mind. Working mainly in the Kent area in the South East, we happily visit clients looking to modify their homes to discuss their ideas. We believe in making any space a better space and often include design options our clients had overlooked.


We advise to not redesign your home for the one you think you need now, but for the home that will still work in 5-10 years. We help clients that feel as though they are fighting with their homes over everyday problems; storage battles, hobbies they have no space for and shared spaces that conflict their uses. As an architectural designer these are the issues I take great pleasure in fixing, usually these are problems that cause the most discomfort in our homes.

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